What is Advanced Mac Cleaner?

features of Advanced Mac Cleaner

Advanced Mac Cleaner claims to be a cleaning software tool, which can detect various types of problems with the macOS X and eliminates them. This application has been developed by a group of experienced industry professionals and has been designed to enhance the performance of your Mac by removing junk data from it. However, it has earned a bad reputation online with many users complaining that it is a scam. In this Advanced Mac Cleaner review, we will find out whether these complaints have a grain of truth in them or not.

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How Does Advanced Mac Cleaner Work

To review the app, we’ll have to first clearly define what the Advanced Mac Cleaner is. Basically, it is a utilitywhich helps you in cleaning your Mac’s hard drives and getting back your lost memory space. It deletes residual files and folders of apps you have uninstalled to free up space on your HDD or SSD. Moreover, it also lets you manage the apps you have installed on your Mac, your browsing history and all of your startup applications. With this software, you can decide which apps you want to keep or remove; whether you want to clear your browsing history or not. Furthermore, Advanced Mac Cleaner is also capable of locating and removing duplicate files stored anywhere on your Mac. This helps in de-cluttering the drives and also speeds up your Mac.

Is Advanced Mac Cleaner Safe?

Considering the features of Advanced Mac Cleaner, it looks to be a decent application. However, one of the most common questions about the app is whether AMC really safe for your Mac or not? Well, there is no definitive answer to this inquiry. Of course, the app’s developer claims that it is totally riskless and secure. Still, there are some negative aspects that provoke doubts about its safety. For instance, shady marketing practices this app adopts are a bit of concern for users. One can easily find reports online stating that Advanced Mac Cleaner falsely informed users about errors in their macOS and forced them into buying the full version to fix these issues. The number of mistakes that it lists down is usually in the hundreds even if the Mac in question has just been bought. This unethical strategy opted for the application is the key reason why users consider it a scam and don’t want to keep it on their systems.

However, it is important to note that even though this software is coercive, it isn’t a virus and shouldn’t pose any critical threat to your Mac. It may be hard to remove, and it might continue to send you warning messages regarding the issues with your machine, but it can hardly do any damage to it.

To Advanced Mac Cleaner’s credit, the cleanup scans it performs to detect malicious software and rogue applications are executed very quickly. There are multiple types of scans available, which helps you to determine the type of files that you want to be analyzed and cleaned up from your system. For example, it provides a One Touch scan, which takes only a few seconds and rounds up all the rogue applications and junk files that have been hampering the performance of your system. Other app’s utilities are also decent and do their respective jobs competently.

features of Advanced Mac Cleaner

Is The Mac Advanced Cleaner Legit?

Well, as far as we are acknowledged, there are no sufficient grounds to doubt that Advanced Mac Cleaner is not a legitimate app. Still, many users opt to remove it from their systems after using it for a while. The reason for this is the constant alerts the app gives even after you have completed a full scan and ran cleanup procedures on your Mac.

Moreover, some users even consider this software to be malware or virus, too. This is because it forcibly gets downloaded on their Macs as part of a bundle of extra software when downloading a program from a third-party provider. Even if you uncheck its box at the time of downloading the software that you need, Advanced Mac Cleaner may download regardless. Then, it runs some kind of script in the background and suddenly starts giving you alerts for cleaning your Mac.

Overall, although Advanced Mac Cleaner does have its negative aspects, it still is a decent and legit cleaning utility for Macs.

Pro and Con Factors of Advanced Mac Cleaner

The following are some of the pros and cons of Advanced Mac Cleaner that you should keep in mind when buying this software.

Pro Factors:

  • Advanced Mac Cleaner provides a One Touch scan, which is done very quickly and can contribute to improving the system performance.
  • It offers multiple cleanup options.
  • Advanced Mac Cleaner provides you with an uninstaller, which is meant for managing the different apps that you have installed on your Mac.
  • It offers you the functionality to remove duplicate files from your system.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to use.

Con Factors:

  • Advanced Mac Cleaner dupes you into thinking that your Mac OS X is riddled with issues when it actually isn’t.
  • It forces you to buy the premium version of the software for essentially doing things that can be accomplished using inbuilt tools available via Mac’s built-in utilities.
  • Advanced Mac Cleaner has a very high initial cost.
  • After the first payment, it continues to charge you a subscription fee.
  • This software is not that easy to remove from your Mac.

In short, we conclude that the Advanced Mac Cleaner isn’t the perfect cleanup tool for optimizing your Mac. Although it offers some decent features, sometimes it behaves like a scam. Thus, the final verdict is that you should be careful when downloading this app.

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Outstanding Advanced Mac Cleaner Alternative

With all positives, you definitely won’t find Advanced Mac Cleaner useful if your Mac has performance issues because the app drains computational resources of the machine. For this reason, it is recommended to opt for MacFly Pro, which is a lightweight app that can be executed for a long time without exhausting your Mac. In addition to the performance boost that you will get from switching to MacFly Pro, there are many other benefits of the utility that distinguish it from the competition.

Smart Assistant is the MacFly Pro’s feature that makes the task of cleaning an Apple computer a breeze. Unlike Advanced Mac Cleaner, which requires regular user involvement, MacFly Pro keeps a computer clean while keeping the need for collaboration at a minimum level. Simply initiate the maintenance process once – and never think of it again. The utility will gently remind you that valuable drive space can be reclaimed whenever a heap of junk files reaches a predetermined threshold.

Have I mentioned that MacFly Pro is inexpensive? Well, it is! A 24-months subscription costs only $4.82 per month and provides a user with top-shelf features and sleek interface. It’s just what your drive needs!

Advanced Mac Cleaner









  • Quick scans
  • Multiple cleanup options
  • Has a built-in uninstaller
  • Has a duplicate removal utility
  • Has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use


  • Falsely reports about issues that Mac doesn't have
  • Forces to pay for functionality that a Mac already has