The Review of AppZapper Mac Uninstaller

appzapper review

It goes without saying that not all applications are similarly useful. Therefore, whenever an alternative application nested higher in the user hierarchy of software than the previously used one appears, there emerges a need for removing the unwanted utility. Whereas some applications can be removed in one fell swoop without leaving a trace, others require a different approach. Deleting innumerable files accompanying a majority of applications can be a little disconcerting for both novice and experienced Mac owners. Therefore, it is always wise to leave the task of removing applications from Apple’s macOS platform to specifically-designed uninstallers. Luckily, there is a large variety of free and paid software that can assist Mac users in cleaning unwanted apps and mess associated with them.

The aim of this article is to introduce you to a special utility for deleting apps that have fallen out of favor—AppZapper. As the name suggests, the software will suddenly and rapidly obliterate any app without requiring too much of technical knowledge on the part of the user. This is especially important because garbage left behind by apps that have not been properly removed can gobble up the system resources, thereby decreasing the performance of your Mac.

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What is AppZapper?

AppZapper is a neat utility for uninstalling apps on Mac computers. The use of the utility obviates the need for going through the motions of blunt uninstalling procedures designed by Apple. Instead of finding out whether an app has a native uninstaller or manually removing countless folders and cache files that go with it, try a simple solution provided by AppZapper. Whenever, you want to delete a piece of software because of its limited functionality or some other reason, use the drag-and-drop feature of the utility. The uninstaller requires little to no effort to use, which makes it especially attractive for those Mac users who fall on the far end of the tech literacy spectrum.

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Main Features of AppZapper

The utility provides Mac users with a convenient visual representation of all apps installed on the computer, thereby allowing them to quickly locate the ‘unwanted guests.’

Let’s take a closer look at the uninstaller’s interface and main features.

Upon launch, the app greats a user with a no-nonsense interface that makes it easier to navigate its capabilities. A small, blank window features an inscription that reads “drop apps here.” Whenever a user feels like deleting an app, they can do so by simply dragging it into the window.

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“So what happens after the app is dragged into the window?”, you ask. The uninstaller will momentarily show the litany of files associated with the app. But there’s more: AppZapper will inform the user of file sizes and show their aggregate weight. Those Mac owners who want to retain useful log details or caches can uncheck boxes next to the files listed in the window to prevent their deletion. Afterwards, the necessary files can be removed with a single press of a button. Just click on the Zap button and move the files scattered in distant directories to the Trash.

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To find an application that is no longer needed, open your Applications folder by using the Spotlight search. Once in the folder, you can locate and select the necessary app, which can be dragged into the AppZapper.

Another way of using the uninstaller is to enable the full view mode by clicking the button located in the top right corner of the window. The full view mode makes the deletion of unwanted apps a lot easier. All apps installed on a Mac are listed in the utility’s window. Furthermore, to accelerate their discovery, the apps can be sorted by name, date, and size. Alternatively, it is possible to use the traditional search bar to locate a necessary app. If you are one of those users who install a swarm of apps and forget about their existence in a short while, you will find the ‘hit list’ extremely useful.

So, what types of files are detected by AppZapper? Actually, it’s all of them. The whole menagerie of service and cache files, localization packs, PPC-code, and the remnants of apps that have previously been uninstalled.

Is AppZapper Safe?

Let me please assure you that the uninstaller is completely safe. The use of AppZapper guaranties the full protection from accidentally removing macOS system files. Moreover, the utility includes the license key manager feature—My Apps. In addition to providing its users with the convenience of not having to manually enter serial key information of their applications, AppZapper keeps it safe for later use. By purchasing and installing the utility, you will remove the necessity of having a separate license key manager. My Apps is the feature that will live up to the expectations of even the most persnickety users. Rest assured—it works exactly as advertised.

It should also be mentioned that AppZapper keeps the log of all uninstalled files, which makes it easier to restore them later.

appzapper review

AppZapper Download

You can download the uninstaller from the official vendor’s website. The cost of the paid version of the utility is $12.95. Although AppZapper is a bit pricier than its direct competitors, it makes the task of removing unwanted apps a breeze. It is a lightweight application the size of which is 1.7MB.

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  • Total App Removal
  • App Activity Monitoring
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • License Key Management
  • Hit List


  • Lack of Widget and Plugin Removal
  • No Automatic Detection
  • Misses Files in the Receipts Folder
  • Useless Animations
  • Limited Functionality