iBoostup Mac Cleaner: Can It Really Improve Apple Computer Performance?

iboostup review

Do you find that optimizing your Apple computer is a time-intensive procedure? You could dedicate that portion of time to your job or other important things. Some may say that Mac cleaner is a useless tool as most Macs can handle issues with storage on their own. Moreover, the most recent versions of operating systems, macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra, have a special Optimize Storage option, which allows having the system cleaning itself on a regular basis. However, the developers may still argue as Optimize Storage, as well as other built-in apps for cleaning, is far from being 100% accurate. They may leave junk or, vice versa, delete something a user still needs by accident. That is where a savior in the face of iBoostup steps in the game.

iboostup cleaner review

When your Mac starts showing an odd, quirky behavior, it is time to react. In fact, it would be better not to postpone the spring cleaning to the last moment. Try to wipe the hard drive each time you have several free minutes or just nothing to do. It will not seem as irritating as it will when a system refuses to download what you need urgently due to the lack of space. iBoostup is one of those tools that will help to support the health of your device. Treat iBoostup as a personal time and energy savior.

The software will make it possible to erase cookies, shrink software size, get rid of the caches, and, as a result, optimize the hard disk. It can also safely shred items. To find out more details, read one of the most objective iBoostup reviews below.

iBoostup App and Problems It Can Handle

What is iBoostup? That is the primary question to discuss before digging deeper. To begin with, it is critical to have Mac OS X 10.8 or other Apple’s operating system version released later to make this cleaning software run on your Apple computer. If you just wish to try, there is no need to pay money, but keep in mind that free version is safe but rather limited. For instance, you won’t be able to detect duplicate files on your Mac. With the help of special serial key/activation code, a user may get a premium version of the application, which will offer more useful functions necessary to keep the system optimized.

It is better not to sit and wait until you notice some failures in the work of your system. Download iBoostup to stay away from the following problems:

  1. Mac turning slow and unresponsive;
  2. Mac losing some of the zing it used to possess;
  3. Unexpected, annoying crashes and errors;
  4. Machine getting hot and the fan running permanently.

The main principle of iBoostup work is the monitoring of the entire operating system and auto-repair of the typical issues with performance when they take place and before they take place if you decide to apply the software regularly.

So, what you get with the free version is:

  • Cookie and cache eraser;
  • Opportunity to shrink app sizes (by removing useless language files, for instance);
  • Hard disk drive (HDD) optimization;
  • Securely shred files.

It might seem enough to keep your Apple computer more or less clean, but if you want better results, be ready to invest just a bit of money. The developers tried to make the prices affordable.

If you decide to invest in the Premium version of iBoostup (recommended), be ready to obtain the following extras:

  • Duplicate finder;
  • RAM optimization;
  • Special app uninstaller.

These optional add-ons are rather useful if the Mac owner often faces problems with the duplicates and apps that do not wish to disappear completely. In other words, these paid functions will help to eliminate the software’s leftovers and copies of items that you might have missed.

To make a long story short, iBoostup makes it possible and simple to perform different system maintenance activities with an attractive and intuitive interface, understandable by the user of any level.

iboostup review

iBoostup for Mac Download and Further Usage

We have discussed the benefits of both free and paid iBoostup versions. Now, you may wonder how you can get this system cleaner to keep your favorite Mac healthy and speedy. You just need to find a download link on the official website or App Store. Then, follow the installation guide – and you are done!

Once the process of installation is over, the user is taken to the status page. Here, you can enjoy a system overview and user’s activities. It is possible to pick any of the system scans to run. On the sidebar on the left, you may notice more features. For example, the Quick Scan feature is there to store a plenty of hard drive space in something like one minute. If you do not want the app to erase particular items like cookies, you may deny doing so.

The user will also see Disk Optimizer – fairly the same as doing a permissions repair in Disk Utility. A Network Optimizer function is there to examine the network response times and offer the ways to improve them.

On the whole, iBoostup deals with a few basic maintenance tasks. However, it is much quicker and easier than tune-up behemoths. The application will take no more than 2 minutes to ‘breath a new life’ into your old Mac!

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  • Quick & efficient
  • Has free version
  • Alerts before data erase


  • Confusing interface
  • Lack of functions