The Complete DaisyDisk App Review

daisydisk review

The lack of the computers free space can often become a real headache for Mac owners with SSD-drives of 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. Of course, if you need some extra free gigabytes of space, you can start deleting unnecessary files on your own. But it’s much better to use a special utility because sometimes it is a real problem to see the so-called “hidden gigabytes” for the usual user (for example, the only Aperture library can take up to 150 GB). And searching the solution to this problem, we advise you to try one of the best programs in this direction – DaisyDisk.

After launching the utility will automatically scan your computer for the presence of drives. Even more, it is possible to clean not only the main disk but even the external media. It will take from 10 seconds to several minutes – it all depends on the amount of used space.

It allows you to see the real number of gigabytes occupied on the Mac, and to figure out what programs are the most “voracious.” You can switch to different sections and view the space occupied by a particular app.

And there will be no problem for you to get rid of unnecessary files. Just drag them to the bottom left corner, and DaisyDisk will calculate how much space your computer will obtain after they are deleted.

The files structure looks alike as a multi-level diagram. You are just to point the cursor at any sector to find out its size and the occupied program. It is very convenient if you want to prevent yourself from a long file folders search.

daisydisk review

The DaisyDisk Cleaner Main Features

The program provides a convenient visual representation of your hard drive, allowing the user to determine and remove the files which are the most “gluttonous.”

So, let’s look closer at the program interface and its capabilities.

When starting-up, DaisyDisk greets a user with a menu containing the scanning memory areas. When clicking on the arrow next to “Show” and “Scan” buttons, one can see the context menu with several options appears. The “Scan folder” button allows you to add new directories to this list. It is also worth adding that the scan results will be saved until the next program start.

When choosing the “Properties” option, one can see the information about the hard disk.

Then, after choosing the “Scan” button scanning will start, according to which the program displays the contents of the disk in the form of the diagram.

The files and folders in this diagram are represented as sectors. When clicking on them, one can navigate the hierarchy of the file structure. Above is the path to the directory you are looking at and the forward and backward buttons. When pointing the mouse at each sector on the right of the diagram, you will see the names and volumes of the most significant files.

The weight of the folder of the current directory is displayed in the center of the diagram. The area from the bottom (blue circle) is a kind of garbage basket (files are dragged into the area with the left button pressed). After clicking the Delete button, the “basket” is cleared. By clicking the right button on the sector, a context menu appears.

The move button is responsible for moving the file to the delete area. And when you delete a file, you delete it permanently, not just moving it to the garbage basket. Also, there is an animated countdown before the deleting. It can seem that deleting files only one by one is not very convenient. But it is quite reasonable – a kind of protection from a mistaken delete. There is a Quicklook function available in the menu, which indicates the information about a file or a folder. All other items are understandable and do not require separate comments.

review daisy disk

DaisyDisk Download: Free Trial, fair Price & DaisyDisk key

DaisyDisk is developed by Software Ambience Corp and is considered to be a shareware application for macOS and Mac OS X. It means that the DaisyDisk is free for the initial download. At the same time, after the trial period ends, you will need to pay for it. However, do not get upset, since DaisyDisk’s price is just $9.99 – way lower than, say, infamous CleanMyMac app. Besides, you can look for a DaisyDisk promo code on specialized platforms (e.g., to get even a better deal.

DaisyDisk vs. CleanMyMac

Well, if we’ve already mentioned CleanMyMac here, let’s briefly compare these two Mac cleaners. Actually, the most obvious difference between them is their functionality. CleanMyMac is much like a platform that has almost a dozen features, and each of them can be viewed as a separate app. Mail, Photos, iTunes, System Junk cleaners; secure data shredder; built-in app uninstaller – this is a short list of what CMM can do.

Whereas with DaisyDisk, you get just an overview of data and file sizes on all connected disks. Armed with this knowledge, you can manually delete items that take up precious hard drive space.

Naturally, such difference in the functionality is bound to get reflected in a pricing policy: $9.99 for DaisyDisk and starting from $39.95 for CleanMyMac. This situation is totally understandable as CleanMyMac is the market’s leader, and DaisyDisk is one of many young competitors that appear and vanish regularly.

So, the DaisyDisk main features are:

  • The unique interface, the possibility to find and delete unnecessary files easily;
  • Claims to be up to 50% faster than the analogues;
  • The QuickLook integration for viewing files;
  • The parallel drives scanning at maximum speed;
  • The information about the disk space in real time;
  • The built-in function of deleting files;
  • It fully supports Retina displays.

All in all, not every process of deleting files is simple and easy. And if you have problems with the disk space on your Mac, the DaisyDisk Cleaner is an acceptable option to resolve it.

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DaisyDisk Cleaner









  • convenient, understandable, and simply beautiful interface
  • quite a fast scan speed
  • low price


  • monofunctional