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movavi mac cleaner uninstaller

Movavi Mac Cleaner 2 is one of the numerous successful products offered by the Movavi team. While the native utilities are not always 100% accurate in deleting files and cleaning space, Movavi Mac Cleaner is a great solution, which does not cost too much.

The process of manual file detection and deletion may sometimes take a plenty of time. Besides, it’s kind of irritating to detect the items on your own. That is why many Mac owners prefer to install third-party apps to wipe the hard drive quicker and more effectively.

Once the user is ready to try a third-party cleaner, he or she may decide to set up Movavi Mac Cleaner as one of the most favored options on the market today. After all, it is absolutely safe and reliable. But with time, one might want to change the cleaner or stop using suchlike apps completely. The natural option would be to use Movavi’s native uninstaller to remove it from your Mac. However, it may still leave some files often defines as leftovers. A leftover is any item left in the system after the process of app deletion.

So, what are the possible ways to eliminate Movavi Mac Cleaner once you are tired of it? Second, which method is the most accurate and trustworthy?

movavi mac cleaner uninstaller

Get Rid of Movavi Mac Cleaner along with Its Leftovers

Do you really want to uninstall Movavi Mac Cleaner or Mac Cleaner 2 from your computer? Perhaps, it is time to try another cleaning software or to do the things manually in case you have a plenty of time.

Compared to the apps established for Windows, Mac’s third-party tools are very simple to erase. Still, to start the process of installation, it is enough to drag the downloaded installation file (its icon) to the Applications folder and wait for several minutes or even seconds. However, it is not a doddle when it comes to fully erasing the software.

The process of deletion takes more time as a drag-and-drop principle does not work if you want to get rid of the app completely. Sure thing, the leftovers are not that ‘heavy’, but if you leave the junk after each third-party tool’s uninstallation, it will soon turn into the solid problem for your system. This problem is the lack of space, which usually results in a noticeable system slowdown.

While it is on your Mac, Movavi Mac Cleaner may generate various associated items in different locations. On the whole, those are extra files like preferences and support items. They will sit on your hard drive until you take care of them. It is a good option for people who are not sure whether they will need this app again – they can easily return it.

The initial method is the one offered by the Movavi Mac Cleaner’s developers. It is a built-in uninstaller, which should toss away the application along with the associated files. You can invoke it by clicking on a Customize button. It shows up when you set up the software. Here are the instructions:

  1. Put the installation file in front of you. Launch it.
  2. Find the [uninstaller] feature in the installer. It gets enabled once the user double-clicks it.
  3. Follow the instructions that pop up on the computer’s screen to finish.

The uninstaller option is an integral part of the Movavi Mac Cleaner installer. What about some other methods?

remove movavi mac cleaner

Native Mac’s Utilities Are There to Help!

Some users complain that the native Movavi’s uninstaller barely helps. Some share that nothing happens at all while others report about the numerous leftovers. The point is that it is important to make sure System Preferences is not running. After that, try to reboot your Mac. Most probably, now the uninstaller set by default will do what it should. In fact, reboot helps to solve many confusing situations.

Anyway, the majority of third-party tools for Mac leaves your computer after the drag-and-drop process. However, they remain in Trash until you Empty it. You may later notice that some associated items are saved in the /Home/Library/Preferences/ folder.

To force the process manually, please stick to the following steps:

  1. Quit Movavi Mac Cleaner on the computer. Find all the connected processes and prevent them from running too.
  2. Launch Finder to find the Applications folder.
  3. Movavi Mac Cleaner should appear in this folder. Place the app’s icon in the Trash located in the Dock. You can also do that by right-clicking the icon.
  4. Macs protected by passwords will need admin’s special permissions.
  5. Go to Finder once more. It is necessary to Empty Trash to get rid of the related Verify the process in the pop-up window.
  6. Launch the Finder app again. Choose Shift+cmd+G to Go to Folder from the menu bar.
  7. Move to /Library in the Go to Folder box.
  8. There, start typing the name (Movavi) and select Library close to the Search.
  9. Choose the items related to Movavi Mac Cleaner on your own form the list of results. Right-click on things you find unnecessary and transfer them to Trash.

Another way is to rely on the Spotlight features. However, the tool will not search for the associated files in particular folders by default. The user can still change this behavior or apply the third-party uninstaller.

The rest of the text briefly covers the ways to delete one of the most popular products from Movavi – its Sound Grabber for Mac.

Toss Away Movavi Sound Grabber from Your Mac

This section briefly covers the ways to uninstall another Movavi application popular among the users. The problem with Movavi Sound Grabber is that it does not show up in the Applications folder as it is a virtual device.

So, how to delete Movavi off Sound Output/Input settings on MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, and Mac mini?

Since Movavi Sound Grabber is a virtual device and does not show up under Applications in Finder, you need to use an Uninstall file to remove Sound Grabber from your system. The user will have to pass the following path:

  1. Launch the tool’s inserted Uninstaller from the Applications list.
  2. Check whether the Movavi Screen Capture is not running before opening the downloaded file. In case of security message, pick Open.
  3. Click “Yes” in the popped-up information dialogue to go on and type in your password to verify the de-installation process.

This way it is possible to delete Movavi Sound Grabber along with all associated files. Do not eliminate all leftovers in case you would like to re-setup the tool again in the future.

Lend a Hand to Your Computer by Installing Third-Party Uninstaller!

All of the methods described above may consume some of your time and nerves. If you can allow investing just a bit of money in the third-party removal tool, we would recommend doing so without any hesitations. Except for the saved time, a specially developed cleaner will check the system for the rest of the junk files and offer the most effective deletion techniques. You may let it do everything automatically by running in the background mode.

An average user with no advanced skills of Mac operations would rather choose a third-party cleaner, and that would be a wise decision. As a rule, third-party uninstallers work this way:

  1. Open Launchpad.
  2. Place the chosen uninstaller and hold down the target app’s icon until all the icons start to jiggle.
  3. Pick the software’s delete button (x) to uninstall Movavi Mac Cleaner or Sound Grabber completely.

Uninstalling any app this way is extremely easy, and Movavi-related applications are not the exception from this rule.